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Peak Sustainability Group has a vision

In 2011, David Roberts left the safety of a full-time job to start an environmental consulting firm called Kulshan Services – now Peak Sustainability Group. After working in natural resources and ecology for state government, David had a vision for a vital, thriving, and meaningful lifework. His vision thrives within our team today.

Our single-shingle consultancy has grown to a firm of twenty-plus environmental, science, and sustainability professionals. In 2020, we changed our name to Peak Sustainability Group and built a stellar team willing to roll up their sleeves and work on some of the stickiest, wicked problems facing our planet!

In this critical decade we at Peak are committed to our clients. We thrive when you thrive! We seek nothing less than healthy and resilient communities, restored and protected ecosystems, inclusive and just community engagement, and a resilient economy. By setting an example, we hope we can challenge and inspire others to care for our common home and create a thriving economy and healthy communities.

It’s a changing world and we know that we must adapt. Change and uncertainty can be hope inspired by action and innovation.

We can help you get there!

Peak’s Vision

We envision a world where communities, businesses, and ecosystems are resilient, thriving, and healthy.

Peak’s Mission

We catalyze breakthrough solutions for a sustainable and resilient future.


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Why do business with Peak?

  • Experience and Expertise – Enhance outcomes with strategic technical direction
  • Local Connections and Knowledge – Connect the dots, connect people, build community
  • Productive Communication – Communicate with government and others effectively and confidently
  • Right-Sized – Large enough with the right people and small enough for personal, timely attention
  • Certified for Federal Projects – No worries! We’re small-business certified
  • A Reputation for Quality – The proof is in our track record of satisfied clients and positive outcomes
  • Flexible and Responsive – Count on us to meet your needs, timelines, and project deliverables
  • Competitively Priced – Maximize your impact and resources and avoid headaches and delays

We thrive when you thrive.

Being in this business is about working collaboratively toward multiple-benefit outcomes. We put the focus on progress. And progress fuels hope for the future. When working with you, our goal is to make a tangible and measurable difference.

Above all, we seek an experience where you feel trusted, valued, supported and heard. We will work together to realize your goals and objectives. Our team meets you where you are and will take you where you want to go. Our process encourages diverse perspectives and promotes breakthrough thinking.

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Discover new possibilities, inform sound decision making, and decide on a sustainable path forward.

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