About Peak

Peak’s Climate Change and Sustainability Story

Peak Sustainability Group was established in 2011 by David Roberts in Bellingham, WA. After decades of work in state government on stormwater, water quality, forest practices, and land use/watershed planning, he sought a shift to local issues with clients who would benefit from his perspectives and broad-based experience. Of most importance was making a difference in the quality of conversations between government and business.

David’s single-shingle consultancy now employs a dozen people and guides communities and businesses to achieve ambitious environmental, sustainability, and social responsibility goals. Subsequently, in 2020, we rebranded from our original name, Kulshan Services, which honored our local volcano and Native American place name. Our rebrand to Peak Sustainability Group presented a new era in the company. This opportunity to grow our capacity and refocus our service areas supports clients in more ways with climate change planning, clean energy adoption, ecosystem protection, as well as business sustainability. They are more in demand than ever before.

Peak’s Clients

Our climate change and sustainability consulting clients include local and state governments, tribes, ports, transportation authorities, educational entities, businesses, and nonprofits. Today, our team has helped over 150 clients thrive and be successful on hundreds of projects. Relationships have been built one by one over time. We successfully partner with other companies to offer a coordinated range of services to meet our client’s needs and unique challenges. As a result, Peak has a well-earned reputation for quality and integrity, practical optimism, and an unflagging dedication to our clients.

Peak’s Services

Peak’s robust business sustainability services help clients create sustainable supply chains, measure their carbon footprint, incorporate climate change risk management, adopt clean energy alternatives, generate savings through operational sustainability, and plan for ambitious net-zero and waste reduction goals to improve their environmental footprint, social impact, and internal governance.

Additionally, we have a long history of community engagement projects focused on complex, multi-stakeholder processes. These range from climate planning to floodplain management, clean energy transition research to park planning, and local broadband efforts to net-zero plans for national entities.

We also work on projects involving land use and watershed management, water quality testing, industrial compliance, community development, parks planning, community-based social marketing, and energy transition planning with a focus on clean transportation alternatives.

Dedicated Peak Team

At the heart of Peak, our dedicated team delivers insights on strategy, applied research, meaning behind what we measure, people-oriented facilitation, and careful planning. With an abundance of challenges facing municipalities, businesses, and communities, the Peak team applies its range of skill sets to contribute meaningfully to making the world a better place now and for future generations.

Together, we empower collaborative engagement, promote diversity and inclusion, and facilitate action toward a sustainable and resilient future.

We Believe

  • Our common home faces significant social, ecological, and economic challenges.
  • Substantial action is needed now.
  • Change starts in our communities.
  • Solutions require determined optimism, creativity, and commitment.
  • Creativity is a powerful tool to help us change.
  • Planning now builds future resilience.
  • Strategic foresight captures value and future opportunities.
  • Science provides answers and inspiration.
  • Problems are opportunities in disguise.

Vision, Mission, and Values


A world where communities, businesses, and ecosystems are resilient, thriving, and healthy.


Catalyze breakthrough solutions for a sustainable and resilient future.


A changing world requires that we adapt. A better future is possible. We want to be part of the solution.

More about us

Learn more about our Services. Check out our Capability Statement. View our extensive Project History.

The Peak Advantage

  • Experience and expertise
  • Local and regional connections
  • Regionally connected and knowledgeable
  • Productive communication
  • Right-sized to serve your needs
  • Certified for federal projects
  • Reputation for quality and value
  • Flexible and responsive service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Multiple-benefit outcomes

We meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. When you thrive, we thrive.

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