Community Engagement

Build inclusive and constructive conversations and collaboration

With Peak’s help, harness productive time for constructive, inclusive conversations to engage staff, citizens, and internal or external stakeholders. Strategic processes facilitated by a neutral party help you build on your strengths and assets so you can identify problems and solutions. Align your goals with constructive policies and action items that move the dial forward on what you care about.

Engage your community with science-based decision-making, examine alternatives, and prioritize actions. Set the table for productive and inclusive community conversations that engage and build trust, and credibility. With neutral-partner facilitation, participate more transparently, plan, strategize, and make good decisions.

We believe strong, thriving communities are built on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI). This principle extends to all aspects of our work. Peak is firmly committed to creating safe, welcoming, and accessible spaces where diverse perspectives are heard and valued.

Our JEDI Approach to Public Engagement

  • Inclusive Outreach: We proactively reach out to marginalized and underrepresented communities, using culturally appropriate methods and languages.
  • Accessible Participation: We offer various engagement formats (online, in-person, hybrid) and provide accommodations for people with disabilities.
  • Empowering Representation: We work with diverse community leaders and organizations to ensure voices from all backgrounds are represented.
  • Facilitation with Respect: We prioritize respectful dialogue, active listening, and addressing power imbalances within participation.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: We collect and analyze demographic data to identify and address participation gaps.
  • Transparent Feedback: We share engagement outcomes transparently and solicit feedback on inclusivity efforts.

Benefits of JEDI in Public Engagement

  • More informed decisions: Diverse perspectives lead to a more nuanced understanding of issues and potential solutions.
  • Increased trust and credibility: Inclusive processes foster trust and collaboration between communities and institutions.
  • Equitable outcomes: JEDI ensures benefits and burdens of decisions are distributed fairly across communities.
  • Sustainable solutions: Engaging all stakeholders leads to solutions that are more widely supported and impactful.

At Peak, we are committed to continuously learning and improving our JEDI practices. We invite you to join us in building a more inclusive future through meaningful public engagement.


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Community Engagement

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Peak testimonial

Peak has consistently provided us with quality consulting services, highly skilled facilitation, and research and advice in support of our strategic planning efforts. We highly recommend them to any organization seeking professional services.

Richard Brocksmith | Skagit Watershed Council, Executive Director 

“The Nooksack Indian Tribe contracted Peak to facilitate public outreach and stakeholder engagement activities on one of our watershed conservation planning projects. We found the staff to be very engaging, proactive, and effective in carrying out the contracted services. Their work was accomplished on time and in a professional manner.”

Oliver Grah | Nooksack Indian Tribe, Water Resources Program Manager  

“Peak’s facilitation and reporting services were essential in our organization’s ability to address critical issues among a diversity of topics and interests in the short timeframe of our event. Their ability to formulate the issues and move the audience and agenda to address the critical issues helped us to formulate our next strategies and direction.” 

Arnie Klaus | Marine Resources Coordinator, San Juan County   

“The Board strategic planning session facilitated by David Roberts was the best Board meeting we have ever had. We were very impressed with the outcomes of our strategic planning retreat. The discussion generated by ‘getting to why’ was particularly constructive.” 
Rich Bowers | Whatcom Land Trust, Executive Director 2015-2020

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