Peak Team

Count on us to roll up our sleeves to address the complex challenges of our time. Peak engages businesses, nonprofits, and governments on their sustainability, climate, energy transition, and land use priorities. At the heart of Peak, our team delivers insightful strategy, dogged research, fine facilitation, and proactive planning with practical optimism.

Scroll down to view our Advisors and Affiliates who provide a range of specific areas of professional expertise.

Alliison headshot with trees in background

Allison Roberts

Co-Owner and Communications Specialist

Anna Santo


Dan Cutugno

Senior Consultant

David Roberts

Principal and Co-Owner

Jessa Clark

Consultant and Sustainability Specialist

Kat Klass

Consultant and Sustainability Specialist

Natalie Sacker


Reid Armstrong


Sarah Parker

Operations Manager and Consultant

Sam Humphreys

Business Manager and Consultant

Todd Eastman

Senior Consultant

Vivian smiles in front of an ivy-covered brick wall.

Vivian Ericson

Facilitation and Engagement Specialist

Peak Affiliates

When it comes to giving our clients the best service, we have built a network of qualified professionals who subcontract to Peak to provide specialized skills designed to meet our clients’ needs.

Peak Affiliate

Howard Sharfstein, JD

Peak Affiliate: Kulshan Carbon Trust

Peak Employee photo

Janet Clawson

Peak Affiliate: Financial Advisor

Peak Affiliate

Jeff Aslan

Peak Affiliate: Madrona Building Solutions

Jon Jantz

Peak Affiliate: Stikeen Strategies and Collaborative Efficiencies

Karsten Shein, PhD

Peak Affiliate: Director at 2DegreesC; Founding Partner and Director of Science at ExplorEiS

Ravyn Whitewolf, PMP, PE

Peak Affiliate: Whitewolf Engineering Services

Peak Employee photo

Rick Beauregard

Peak Advisor: Consulting Business Advisor

Peak Employee photo

Wendy St. Claire, PHR

Peak Affiliate: StClaire HR

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