Peak Team

Peak's multi-disciplinary team specializes in climate, sustainability, ecosystem health, and strategic communications for businesses and communities.

At Peak, we love helping clients discover new possibilities, inform sound decision-making, and decide on a path forward.

Our team provides key support for leaders who are navigating change and risk. We apply our technical expertise and strategic communication skills gained from decades of experience to the issues you care about.

Be ready for what’s next, capture opportunities, make progress, and build success one step at a time.

Allison Roberts

Allison enjoys connecting people to ideas, information, and each other through creative and inclusive processes that maximize the value of our collective efforts.

Skill Sets:

  • Community engagement
  • Communications, newsletters, summaries, note taking and minutes
  • Social media content development
  • ​Writing, grant writing, editing, and blogging
  • Research and “digging”

Amalia Walton, JD

Amalia has a passion for bringing diverse groups together to find common ground, inspire expansive thinking, and solve complicated challenges with innovative solutions.

Skill Sets:

  • Policy and law for aquatics, geology, land use, fisheries, and tribal governments
  • Legislative and natural resource policy making
  • Negotiation, mediation, and stakeholder engagement
  • Public awareness, communications, and media campaigns
  • Supervision, management, team building, and leadership
  • Natural resource management, recovery, and policy
  • Professional Mediation Skills Training Program Certification

Anna Santo

Anna loves translating new ideas and ways of thinking by applying her social scientist skill set in tangible ways to better discover and communicate people’s relationships and choices.

Skill Sets:

  • Community Based Social Marketing
  • Structured survey and semi-structured interview design and implementation
  • Quantitative analytical methods (regression modeling and social network analysis)
  • Qualitative analytical methods (coding to understand themes, case study development, and qualitative comparative analysis)
  • Long-term monitoring plan development
  • Grant writing, tracking, and outcome reporting

Cathy Angell

Cathy helps organizations and agencies craft clear messages, communicate science, and develop compelling presentations.

Peak Affiliate: Cathy Angell Communications

Skill Sets:

  • Coaching and training scientists and government officials
  • Teaching best practices for presentation design
  • Developing and delivering compelling presentations
  • Helping people create a clear message
  • Facilitating small groups
  • Bringing stakeholders together for collaboration

Dan Cutugno

Dan's professional passion is where environmental science and regulations intersect with business operations. He enjoys working with facility employees to address environmental requirements and contribute to business sustainability and profitability.

Skill Sets:

  • Industrial operation regulatory expertise
  • Operating permits for air, water, and waste
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Environmental regulatory audits, including physical inspections
  • Providing liaison services between clients, regulators, contractors and laboratories

David Roberts

David inspires others to discover new possibilities. As a leader, coach, and strategic facilitator, he finds his greatest joy when helping others accomplish goals and experience success.

Skill Sets:

  • Facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Strategic communications
  • Climate change
  • Sustainability
  • Watershed planning
  • Community engagement

Howard Sharfstein, JD

Howard examines complex environmental systems by applying interdisciplinary thinking to integrate years of policy, legal and business experience into collaborative strategies inspired by the young people who will realize resilient climate solutions.

Peak Affiliate: Kulshan Carbon Trust

Skill Sets:

  • Corporate law
  • Sustainability in business
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental compliance
  • Project finance
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate governance

Janet Clawson

I am particularly excited to work with the Peak leadership team because after ten years in business and a recent rebrand, the company is poised for growth in an industry striving to make a difference for businesses and communities.

Skill Sets:

  • Financial reporting and budgeting
  • Business executive coaching
  • Financial systems development
  • Cash flow planning
  • Incorporating strategic initiatives into the annual budget


Jeff Aslan

Jeff enjoys bringing attention to detail, love for efficiency, and going the extra mile to analyze, inform, and solve for building performance improvements for his clients.

Peak Affiliate: Madrona Building Solutions

Skill Sets:

  • Home and commercial building inspections
  • Building performance analysis
    • Energy Audits
    • Energy Code Compliance
    • Home Energy Rating
    • Green Building Program Certification
    • HVAC Design
  • Indoor air quality assessments

Jessa Clark

Jessa enjoys connecting with others to understand and share ideas for a truly sustainable future. She loves exploring systems perspectives to implement actions that can bring these ideas to life.

Skill Sets:

  • Sustainability planning
  • Systems design, thinking, mapping, and analysis
  • Sustainability assessment and evaluation tools
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Business sustainability
  • Renewable energy
  • Research, writing, and editing

Karsten Shein, PhD

Karsten loves to unlock potential and make a difference to the natural world. He is adept at using words, visualization, and innovative technology to drive practical and positive change. He enjoys translating science and data to inform smart decisions. He particularly enjoys developing partnerships, leveraging opportunities, networking, and engaging stakeholders.

Peak Affiliate: Director at 2DegreesC;

Skill Sets:

  • Climate vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Developing strategic policy initiatives on climate change
  • Energy, aviation, marine, and agriculture sectors
  • Environmental instrumentation and monitoring
  • Geomorphology
  • Ecosystem services and natural infrastructures
  • Statistics and quantitative methods

Kat Klass

Kat loves applying research and information to maximize outcomes. She dives into how processes can be streamlined and communicated for holistic success. With her adaptative mindset, she thrives in dynamic situations and engages clients with effective flexibility.

Skill Sets:

  • Sustainability planning
  • Systems thinking and mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Research and subject interviews
  • Data analysis
  • Science communication
  • Problem-solving in high-pressure situations
  • Project management and leadership

Keith Wolf, PhD

Keith thrives in complex and challenging situations and working with clients, stakeholders, and teams. As a bridge builder, he appreciates the effort it takes to constructively connect the dots, make progress, and achieve the end goal. He can be counted on to bring projects to a successful outcome and do it with enthusiasm and adaptability.

Peak Affiliate: KWA

Skill Sets:

  • Climate, Sustainability, Resiliency and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Regulatory Compliance includes state, federal, tribal government, and municipal environmental law
  • Natural Resource Management and Policy – Public Private Partnerships
  • Grant Source Funding and Budget Management
  • NGO, Private Funding, and Foundation Support
  • Restoration, Resilience, Construction, and Engineering Design Projects
  • Decision Support, Database, and Analytical Modeling
  • Predictive modeling, project software and data management, and analysis

Kevin Cline

Kevin applies his environmental expertise to make our planet more livable now and for future generations. He excels at distilling technical data and concepts into plans that can be understood and put into action by all.

Peak Affiliate: KMC Environmental

Skill Sets:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Property due diligence
  • Stormwater/NPDES permitting and compliance
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Soil, groundwater, and soil analysis
  • Regulatory analysis and communication
  • Remediation and engineering control monitoring
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • AHERA licensed asbestos inspector
  • Environmental professional per ASMT E1527-13

Natalie Sacker

Natalie is passionate about using data and strategic planning to help businesses, organizations, and local governments do better for their communities and use their power to positively address the challenges of climate change.

Skill Sets:

  • US Community Protocol-compliant inventories
  • ICLEI Community GHG Inventory
  • Carbon Disclosure Project compliance and reports
  • Research and data collection
  • Local Climate Planning
  • Sustainable business principles and practices

Rachel Myers

Building relationships and trust to make good things happen with great people and organizations in my community is what drives me in life and work. I adore working with teams who are committed to growth, innovation and facing challenges together.

Peak Affiliate: RM & Company

Skill Sets:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Meeting Design and Facilitation
  • Strategic Assessment and Planning
  • Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Communications Strategy and Planning
  • Organizational Leadership Support
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Interim Program and Project Management

Rachel Santa Olalla

Rachel loves using multi-disciplinary tools to nurture ideas into living projects. Exploring the intersections of applied creative processes, she is compelled to make a tangible contribution to a better world through environmental justice

Skill Sets:

  • Landscape design and architecture
  • Visual renderings and design development using several programs
  • GIS, mapping and cartography, and data analysis
  • Project management
  • Public and stakeholder engagement
  • Conservation planning, mitigation, and restoration
  • Low Impact Development

Ravyn Whitewolf, PMP, PE

Ravyn enjoys combining people, resources, and scientific understanding with intuitive and holistic approaches that create value for client initiatives, programs, and projects. I love working with diverse groups, resolving conflicts, mentoring, and discovering better ways forward.

Peak Affiliate: Whitewolf Engineering Services

Skill Sets:

  • Civil Engineering – Design/construction permitting, communications planning, feasibility studies, permitting
  • Project Management – scheduling, QA/QC, risk analysis, oversee teams
  • Value Engineering Methodology (VMA)
  • Technical Writing – grants specifications and proposals
  • Community Engagement – facilitation, dispute resolution, and charrettes
  • Public Agency – 30 years in Whatcom County including formation and sustaining public/private partnerships

Reid Armstrong

Reid loves the challenge of sorting through details and seeing patterns where others see complexity. He enjoys work that improves water quality, habitat, and managing our resources responsibly.

Skill Sets:

  • Stormwater evaluations
  • Water quality testing
  • Field sampling and data collection
  • ​​Fisheries and aquatic studies and biological assessments
  • Federally listed species requirements
  • Wetland ratings

Rick Beauregard

Rick loves coaching clients as they work to create new opportunities, implement change, and refine plans of action in order to achieve the quality results they desire.

Skills Sets:

  • Sales and strategic marketing
  • Negotiations
  • Strategic planning
  • Marine biology and monitoring
  • Environmental engineering
  • Business coaching and development
  • Systems analysis

Sarah Parker

Sarah is passionate about implementing policy solutions that promote climate resilience, equity, and holistic well-being of people and the planet. She loves engaging diverse populations in productive conversations about environmental and climate change challenges and applying her knowledge of climate and energy policy.

Skill Set:

  • Education and outreach
  • Energy policy
  • Climate planning and policy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Research, writing, and editing
  • Qualitative research design and implementation (semi-structured interviews, Q-methodology, surveys)

Sam Humphreys

Sam excels at solving problems by asking questions and seeking out sound data. He easily applies systems thinking to identify options and solutions. He loves to connect people and build strong relationships. Sam helps others to utilize their full potential and make the team efforts greater than the sum of its parts.

Skill Sets:

  • Certified in Sustainable Community Development
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of business and sustainability concepts
  • Sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable packaging solutions
  • Local food systems
  • Active transportation
  • Community engagement
  • Proficient in Zoho CRM and Google apps

Terence Kwan

As a sought-after international product designer, Terence's specialty is focused on sustainability, team research, and a collaborative concept-to-design process. Terence loves working with clients seeking innovation by applying user-centered design thinking.

Peak Affiliate: Terence Kwan Design

Skill Sets:

  • Industrial design
  • Design thinking and strategy
  • User-centered design
  • Design for sustainability
  • Product design
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Specialties: Rapid visualization, rapid mock-up concepts, 3D CAD and surfacing, ethnographic research and testing, ergonomic design, design for assembly and manufacturing, business model development, design with engineering, team support and leadership

Todd Eastman

Todd loves to dig into a good research project, interpret regulations and policies, and distill the salient and important details into a plan of action. He's particularly good at putting people at ease and listening.

Skill Sets:

  • Stormwater and environmental regulations
  • Research and data collection and analysis
  • Washington State Phase 2 Stormwater Manual
  • Land use regulations
  • Environmental economics

Wendy St. Claire, PHR

Wendy is enthusiastic about working with the Peak leadership team because of her desire to create work environments that support both the health and growth of the business and the health and growth of the employees and co-creating a positive company culture.

Peak Affiliate: StClaire HR

Skill Sets:

  • Organizational HR strategy
  • Development and execution of effective recruitment and retention
  • HR compliance and management
  • Supporting company expansion and growth
  • Workplace culture and training initiatives

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