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In a changing world, planning, adaptation, and resilience will be key.

Build a robust plan of action with people, the planet, and prosperity in mind.
By engaging your stakeholders and taking action, harness the best opportunities on issues you care about.

Here's why this is THE important and urgent call of our times:

"Sustainable companies are the most profitable." Harvard Business Review

"Cities are home to 54% of the global population, consume ~70% of the energy, and produce 75% of all global carbon emissions. Over half of 2030 carbon emissions reduction potential lies in cities" World Economic Forum

Hear from our clients about the work we do...

David Yake

We were thankful to find sustainability expertise with Peak Sustainability Group. Their team examined our carbon footprint from production output, our roastery’s footprint, and our delivery fleet’s fuel usage. By measuring what matters, we have been able to better tell our story and move boldly forward on our sustainability journey.

David Yake, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tony's Coffee, 2021 Roaster of the Year
Arnie Klaus

Peak's facilitation was essential in our organization’s ability to address critical issues with a large stakeholder group among a diversity of topics and interests. Their ability to formulate issues and move the audience and agenda in a short time frame helped us to formulate strategies and next direction.

Arnie Klaus, Marine Resources Coordinator, San Juan County
Mark Gardner

The people at Peak facilitated all Climate Task Force meetings to help Bellingham create a climate plan. I was impressed by their reliability, consistency, and steady commitment to excellence. I would recommend Peak without reservation for work involving high analytical and political complexity on projects of critical real-world importance.

Mark Gardner, Legislative Analyst, City of Bellingham
Lyn Wiltse

Peak's work is thorough and exacting and their integrity is beyond reproach. Their technical experience and background helps clients understand complex issues and potential unintended consequences of a range of actions. David Roberts, the founder, knows the importance of stakeholder engagement and how enduring agreements come from informed consensus.

Lyn Wiltse, PDSA Consulting, Inc.
Mark Herrenkohl

Aspirational recycling is a big problem here in the San Juan Islands. Your videos candidly illustrated our commingled recycling challenges. Peak's community outreach, videos, and survey data provided great material for our “Talking Trash” Community Forum. Peak's outreach efforts are already improving the recycling contamination issues at our Transfer Station.

Mark Herrenkohl, former Solid Waste Program Administrator, San Juan County, Washington
Corky Smith

Call Peak if you need environmental services. Their team has done a great job addressing the complexities of Swen Larson Quarry's planning and permit process. Peak's ability to develop strategy, patiently communicate, and advocate for us has smoothed the way with the regulatory agencies. As a result, we will have predictability for our operations for many years to come.

Corky Smith, Chief Executive, Olivine Corporation
Steve Seymour

I have worked with a lot of consultants and David Roberts is different. Our watershed process with stakeholders was successful because he and his team know how to listen. People participated because they felt heard and it was worth their time.

Steve Seymour, retired biologist, Washington State
Kristi Carpenter

Since 2012, Peak has delivered the Managing Stormwater Facilities Training to homeowners. Peak provides an excellent overview of stormwater management. Their step-by-step instructions for routine maintenance can prolong the life of stormwater facilities, improve appearance, and keep them functioning properly. Their presentations play a key role in the success of our program.

Kristi Carpenter, Public Information and Education Coordinator, Skagit Conservation District
John Mankowski

Thank you to Peak for your excellent and amazing ability to turn a 90-minute discussion into a succinct written summary with coherent key messages.

John Mankowski, Principal, Mankowski Environmental
Jeff Snow

Peak has been a tremendous help to our internal team. I recommend Peak to anyone looking for honest, precise, and innovative work involving carbon footprint or other packaging-related environmental challenges and opportunities.

Jeff Snow, CFO, PAC Worldwide
Steve Walker

The charrette and visioning session Peak facilitated with the Community Boating Center was a significant catalyst for the support recently secured for the new Fairhaven Small Watercraft Launch and Dock with funds from the Port of Bellingham and ALEA grant.

Steve Walker, Former Executive Director, Community Boating Center

Some priorities are easy to put on the back burner. 

But challenges from climate change and our unsustainable systems will wait for no one.

Investors, banks, insurers, and customers are paying attention to corporate and civic responsibility.

It’s not about how expensive it will be today. Doing nothing now will end up costing more down the road.

We believe that planning today creates opportunities that will shape the future you have yet to see.



Anticipate and navigate the future confidently.

With the right support and information, anything is possible.

Doing well by doing good can create expected and unexpected value.

With clarity of purpose and a roadmap built on our expertise, you can create a dynamic path forward.

Peak Sustainability can help you get there.

We will meet you where you are ... ... and get you to where you want to go.

Need help getting your project off the ground or with an ongoing climate or sustainability initiative?

We can be your trusted partner and provide the backup you need to get the job done.

Be ready for what’s next. The Peak team is ready for you!


Want to navigate change with a north star set on sustainability? We can be your trusted partner in developing meaningful sustainability goals and objectives. Attract and retain talent. Measure what matters. Communicate the value of doing well by doing good. Gain competitive advantage and boost profits. Protect your brand and avoid future risk. Build value through sustainability planning and action.

Climate Action

Planning for the risk of climate change in your business or community? We can be your trusted partner in developing meaningful climate action goals and policies. Assess threats and catalog assets in your infrastructure, health and safety, and systems that your community relies on. Engage your community with science-based decision-making, examine alternatives, and prioritize actions. We can help you plan ahead, strategize, and initiate.

Strategic Communications

Looking for a partner to facilitate productive community and internal conversations and decision-making? We can be your trusted partner in communicating and planning strategically on issues you care about. Set the table for productive and inclusive internal and external community conversations that engage and build trust and credibility. With neutral-partner facilitation, participate more transparently, plan, strategize, and make good decisions.

Ecosystem Health

Do you have qualified, objective, and reliable technical, regulatory, natural resource management, and field help? Clearly understand and communicate science. Inform decisions based on science, testing, research, data, and field work. Effectively and confidently address regulatory requirements. Mitigate risk and reduce the cost of noncompliance. Ensure quality and enhance customer and investor confidence.

A more sustainable and resilient future is POSSIBLE.

Together, we are formidable change makers. We thrive on catalyzing breakthrough solutions for communities, businesses, governments, and other institutions.

Many of us at Peak have had long careers in business, education, or governmental arenas. Others are new leaders with fresh knowledge and fearless new ways of seeing the world and its solutions. Turning possibilities into reality is central to our success and, we believe, to your success as well. Our greatest joy comes from helping others experience “light bulb” "aha" moments where clarity and creativity collide.

Determined optimists, we are inspired by working with organizations like yours where communities, businesses, and ecosystems are resilient, thriving, and healthy.

We believe in something bigger than ourselves. We believe in you.

Peak Sustainability Team

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