You know you need to focus on sustainability climate action the environment but you’re not sure where to start.

Did you know... 81% of consumers expect organizations to help protect and improve the environment.

Whether you are deep into your project or just getting started, we help organizations like yours get started and bring initiatives to life.

What if we could partner to secure the future you want on the issues you care about? We love partnering to catalyze breakthrough solutions!

Together, we can discover new possibilities, inform sound decision-making, and decide on a sustainable path forward for you.

David Yake

We were thankful to find the expert help in our own backyard with Peak Sustainability Group. Peak helped us to examine our carbon footprint: production output, our roastery’s footprint, and our delivery fleet’s fuel usage. By measuring what matters, we have been able to better tell our story and move boldly forward on our sustainability journey.

David Yake, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tony's Coffee, 2021 Roaster of the Year
Arnie Klaus

Peak's facilitation was essential in our organization’s ability to address critical issues with a large stakeholder group among a diversity of topics and interests. Their ability to formulate issues and move the audience and agenda in a short time frame helped us to formulate strategies and next direction.

Arnie Klaus, Marine Resources Coordinator, San Juan County
Mark Gardner

The people at Peak facilitated all Climate Task Force meetings to help Bellingham create a climate plan. I was impressed by their reliability, consistency, and steady commitment to excellence. I would recommend Peak without reservation for work involving high analytical and political complexity on projects of critical real-world importance.

Mark Gardner, Legislative Analyst, City of Bellingham
Lyn Wiltse

Peak's work is thorough and exacting and their integrity is beyond reproach. Their technical experience and background helps clients understand complex issues and potential unintended consequences of a range of actions. David Roberts, the founder, knows the importance of stakeholder engagement and how enduring agreements come from informed consensus.

Lyn Wiltse, PDSA Consulting, Inc.
Mark Herrenkohl

Aspirational recycling is a big problem here in the San Juan Islands. Your videos candidly illustrated our commingled recycling challenges. Peak's community outreach, videos, and survey data provided great material for our “Talking Trash” Community Forum. Peak's outreach efforts are already improving the recycling contamination issues at our Transfer Station.

Mark Herrenkohl, former Solid Waste Program Administrator, San Juan County, Washington
Corky Smith

Call Peak if you need environmental services. Their team has done a great job addressing the complexities of Swen Larson Quarry's planning and permit process. Peak's ability to develop strategy, patiently communicate, and advocate for us has smoothed the way with the regulatory agencies. As a result, we will have predictability for our operations for many years to come.

Corky Smith, Chief Executive, Olivine Corporation
Steve Seymour

I have worked with a lot of consultants and David Roberts is different. Our watershed process with stakeholders was successful because he and his team know how to listen. People participated because they felt heard and it was worth their time.

Steve Seymour, retired biologist, Washington State
Kristi Carpenter

Since 2012, Peak has delivered the Managing Stormwater Facilities Training to homeowners. Peak provides an excellent overview of stormwater management. Their step-by-step instructions for routine maintenance can prolong the life of stormwater facilities, improve appearance, and keep them functioning properly. Their presentations play a key role in the success of our program.

Kristi Carpenter, Public Information and Education Coordinator, Skagit Conservation District
John Mankowski

Thank you to Peak for your excellent and amazing ability to turn a 90-minute discussion into a succinct written summary with coherent key messages.

John Mankowski, Principal, Mankowski Environmental

It’s important to feel good about the work you do.

You know your actions speak volumes and people are paying attention.

Economic, social, and environmental pressures need to be addressed. But, uncertainty about next steps can be overwhelming. Finding the expertise you need and devoting resources and energy to make it happen often are easily put on the back burner.

We understand. It can be a difficult place from which to move forward.

What if you knew where to start?

You want to anticipate the future and prepare ahead of time.

It is so much better to get on top of things.

With the right support and information, anything is possible. Your commitment to action will create expected and unexpected value. Clarity opens up new opportunities and leverages your efforts. With a clear road map, you can initiate a dynamic path to progress for your organization, your community, and the planet.

Peak Sustainability can help you get there.

We’ll meet you where you are ... ... every step of the way.

Just getting your strategy off the ground? Already in process? Wanting to jump start an effort?

A trusted partner can help you dispel uncertainty … build common ground … strategize options … measure what matters … and engage confidently. Ultimately, you want to see progress and develop meaningful and durable actions and strategies.

Feeling ready? The Peak team can provide targeted expertise to address your sustainability, climate action, and engagement initiatives.

Ecosystem Health

With Peak's help you can secure qualified, objective, and reliable technical, natural resource management, and field expertise. We can also help you clearly communicate science and inform decisions based on data, field work, and science. The Peak team has expertise in the following areas:

Everyone has a part to play in building a more sustainable and resilient future.

That’s why at Peak Sustainability we engage communities and businesses in creating meaningful change and impact. We envision a world where communities, businesses, and ecosystems are resilient, thriving, and healthy.

Many of us have had long careers in business, education, or governmental arenas. Others are new leaders with fresh knowledge and fearless new ways of seeing the world and its solutions. Our greatest joy comes from helping others reach “light bulb” moments where they see new possibilities, obtain a fresh perspective, or discover a new solution.

As a purpose-driven organization, we believe in acting on something bigger than ourselves. Tackling uncertainty, building relationships, and turning possibilities into reality is central to our success and, we believe, to your success as well.

We must admit - we are determined optimists. Our work on this planet is to catalyze breakthrough solutions for organizations like yours. Together, we can inspire creativity and initiate actions that move you closer towards the equitable and inclusive transitions needed to create prosperity without harming the planet.

Peak Sustainability Team

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