Adapt, adjust, and mitigate for climate change

Climate change impacts everyone and everything we care about

There’s no doubt that our climate is changing – unpredictable storms, drought, wildfires, sea level rise, and more – is impacting communities and their economies, infrastructure, public health, and ecosystems right now. Community preparation is critical in safeguarding our communities and building policies and plans toward a more climate-resilient future. We work with municipalities, businesses, ports, educational institutions, Tribes, and other entities to meet their climate planning initiatives.

Problem: Communities around the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of climate resilience, but many lack the tools and resources necessary to take meaningful action. Climate change is a pressing global challenge that requires urgent action. Communities that don’t take steps to become more resilient could be left behind.

Solution: Our Climate Resilience Roadmapping tool can help your community identify and prioritize actions to increase resilience. This engaging, participatory process helps communities develop a shared understanding of climate risks and opportunities, and identify priorities for investment.

At Peak, we are taking climate action seriously and are helping communities do the same.

Define strategies to reduce GHG emissions

Chart steps and policies to get to net zero

Assess climate risks and threats to your community

Identify ways to build resilience against risks

Explore innovative renewable energy solutions

Interactively engage communities in planning

Climate Action

Planning for the risk of climate change in your business or community? We can be your trusted partner in developing meaningful climate action goals and policies. Assess threats and catalog assets in your infrastructure, health and safety, and systems that your community relies on. Engage your community with science-based decision-making, examine alternatives, and prioritize actions. We can help you plan ahead, strategize, and initiate.

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Check out our Climate Team’s Capability Statement.

Apply Peak’s Climate Resilience RoadmapTM community planning process

Contact Sarah Parker, Peak’s Climate Team Lead to discuss your climate resilience needs and projects.


“I worked with the Peak team on a large and complicated project to develop a climate action plan for the City of Bellingham. I was impressed by Peak’s reliability, consistency, and steady commitment to excellence. I would recommend Peak without reservations for similar projects involving work of high analytical and political complexity, and with critical real-world importance.”

Mark Gardner | City of Bellingham, City Council Legislative Analyst 

“Peak has produced a technically sound and politically sensitive update to the City’s climate action plan. Their research, coordination, and flexibility make for excellent project partners.”

Clare Fogelsong | City of Bellingham, Public Works 

“Kudos to Peak for their facilitation role in guiding the SLS and IT work over the last year or more in the Snohomish and Stillaguamish watersheds. We are seeing good momentum with frameworks taking shape and a robust work plan to direct this work. Thank you for advancing integrated floodplain management and collaboration in these watersheds.”

Jessica Hammill, Project Specialist IV, Snohomish County Public Works

Peak’s three-session course on Climate Change for the Academy for Lifelong Learning was impressive and greatly exceeded all expectations! Clearly, the depth of information was meaningful to many. David Roberts gave an outstanding presentation relevant to local perspectives. This is the best (and most current) climate change info we have ever received.”

Jane Relin, Program Coordinator, Academy for Lifelong Learning

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