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Whatcom Land Trust Board Retreats

Whatcom Land Trust Board Retreats
Client: Whatcom Land Trust

Client: The Whatcom Land Trust

Case Study: David Roberts led the Board of the Whatcom Land Trust in conversations outlining a new strategic plan. The strategic process applied the techniques promoted by Simon Sinek for organizations to become more inspired at work and in turn inspired in their relationships with colleagues, funders, and clients.

Impact: The facilitation provided by Peak, informed the Whatcom Land Trust’s updates to its 2013-18 Strategic Plan. The discussions at the Board level set in motion new land protection efforts focused on achieving multiple conservation objectives by protecting and restoring natural and working lands of regional and local significance. Using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle provided a framework upon which the Board developed future messaging about their mission to preserve and protect land for future generations.

Testimonial: “The Board strategic planning sessions facilitated by David Roberts was the best Board meeting we have ever had. A particularly useful part of the conversation was a deep dive Facilitator David Roberts led into methods promoted by Simon Sinek about starting with ‘why’ an organization exists. We were very impressed with the outcomes of our strategic planning retreat. Discussion generated by ‘getting to why’ were particularly constructive.” Rich Bowers, Whatcom Land Trust, Executive Director

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