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Vehicle and Building Electrification Program Study

Vehicle and Building Electrification Program Study

Client: City of Bellingham 

Case Study: Peak evaluated vehicle and building electrification programs and policies from around the country to accelerate the City of Bellingham’s climate mitigation goals. Peak conducted desk research and interviews to gather information about existing vehicle and building electrification programs, projects, and policies around the country as a subcontractor to SSG. This research informed recommendations that SSG made to the City of Bellingham. 

In mid-2022, the Bellingham City Council approved an ordinance to require new commercial buildings and new apartment buildings more than three stories high to use electricity for heating and water heating, meet certain energy-reduction standards, and use solar energy or provide rooftop space for eventual solar energy installation.

Impact: Electrification will green the City of Bellingham’s carbon footprint and help it meet its clean energy goals as outlined in its Climate Action Plan. This research accelerates the City’s action and puts forth recommendations for action. This project builds upon earlier work Peak provided as the meeting and strategic facilitator for the City’s Climate Action Task Force which laid the groundwork to identify priorities and policies needed for the City to attain accelerated climate targets.

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