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Tony’s Coffee Sustainability Reporting

Tony’s Coffee Sustainability Reporting

Client: Tony’s Coffee

Case Study: Peak’s sustainability work for Tony’s Coffee entails quantifying GHG emissions; identifying sustainable packaging; and examining options for carbon offsetting. The 2021 Coffee Roaster of the Year – Tony’s Coffee – met with Peak staff to capture insights and discuss steps Tony’s can take to explore greater sustainability.

Impact: When Tony’s initially contacted Peak, they sought a locally based company that knew their brand. We were able to help them hone in on their sustainability priorities and capture the data they needed to measure their carbon and environmental footprint. Tony’s has a long tradition of producing coffee with sustainability in mind. However, they hadn’t measured their outcomes. By measuring what matters, they were able to communicate their commitment and value of their brand over their fifty-year history. In no small part, their history and commitment paved the way for being named Coffee Roaster of the Year.

Testimonial: In February 2020, we started working with Bellingham-based Peak Sustainability Group, an environmental and sustainability consulting company. Thankfully, we were able to find the expert help we needed in our own backyard. The Peak team helps move companies like our own to explore new possibilities for business and social good. With the expertise of the team at Peak, we poured over years of records in order to measure our carbon footprint. They helped us to examine our production output, our roastery’s footprint, and our delivery fleet’s fuel usage. By measuring what matters, we have been able to better tell our story and move forward on our sustainability journey. David Yake, Director of Sales & Sustainability, Tony’s Coffee

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