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Sustainable Lands Strategy Facilitation

Sustainable Lands Strategy Facilitation

Client: Snohomish County, Sustainable Lands Strategy

Case Study: The Snohomish County Sustainable Lands Strategy (SLS), established in 2010, is addressing the conflict between the dual mandates of preserving farmland and protecting fish throughout Snohomish County. The SLS process sets the table to develop understanding, relationships, and strategies that create and achieve a shared vision and beneficial outcomes for the three watersheds in Snohomish County. Peak facilitates the Executive Committee and coordinates with the leads of the Stillaguamish and Lower Skykomish Integration Teams and facilitator. Peak also facilitates the Communications Group with outreach and community engagement. This project is in exact alignment with professionals at Peak who have spent much of our working careers in restoring native fish populations, promoting healthy ecosystems, and enabling sustainable communities.

Impact: Peak is assisting the Sustainable Lands Strategy (SLS) in accomplishing its mission. Rather than being at odds with each other, our facilitation helps fish, farm, and flood management advocates make more progress by working together. The key is to weave local cultures together and find ways to sustain and benefit them in a changing future. Since Peak commenced work with Snohomish County, the group has made excellent progress. As a result, SLS is tackling key organizational, policy, and technical issues, agreeing upon a work plan, engaging in monthly communication and coordination, and acting on priorities. Our coordination and facilitation keeps people talking and projects moving forward and promotes creativity and collaboration as well.

Testimonial: “Kudos to Peak for their facilitation role in guiding the SLS and IT work over the last year or more. We are seeing some good momentum, not without conflict (that is to be expected), but great to see the IT/SLS framework start to take shape and a robust work plan to direct this work. Thank you all for your efforts to advance integrated floodplain management and collaboration in these watersheds.” Jessica Hammill, Project Specialist IV, Snohomish County Public Works

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