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Steelhead Gene Pool Public Meetings

Steelhead Gene Pool Public Meetings

Client: WA Department of Fish and Wildlife

Case Study: Peak assisted WDFW staff with planning and carrying out all aspects of four regional public meetings. Peak compiled public input from the four meetings in support of the WDFW’s effort to develop Steelhead gene banks throughout Washington state to address their management and protection requirements under the Endangered Species Act and to identify and manage certain watersheds in a manner that does not dilute wild steelhead genetic characteristics.

Impact: As part of this process, our firm trained WDFW staff on responding effectively to questions in a public meeting. By being the neutral party, WDFW staff could participate in a more effective way. Additionally, we gathered valuable public input informing efforts to protect wild steelhead runs. Ultimately, this prior planning in establishing gene banks could save steelhead runs especially in the event of a natural disaster and/or climate change.

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