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Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

Client: Town of Coupeville, WA

Case Study: Peak is currently leading a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment for the Town of Coupeville. Our team is managing the project, leading communications surrounding the effort, and planning and facilitating community and stakeholder engagement efforts. Public engagement will include a community survey, stakeholder meetings, and an open house. Subcontractor, Coastal Geologic Services, is conducting a technical assessment to determine which of the Town’s assets are vulnerable to various sea level rise scenarios.

Impact: Coastal cities or those along rivers affected by tidal action must identify areas on the coast and around lagoons that are most susceptible to damage from an increase in the sea level. This assessment provides a critical analysis regarding the relative risks and rates level of vulnerability. The report also describes possible “adaptation strategies,” which are ways to help prevent future coastal flooding and erosion.

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