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School District Sustainability Task Force Facilitation

School District Sustainability Task Force Facilitation

Client: Bellingham Public Schools

Case Study: In affiliation with Peak, Rachel Myers is currently facilitating a 30-member Sustainability Task Force for Bellingham’s only school district. As the facilitator, Rachel is partnering with the Sustainability Manager and other district staff to ensure an inclusive and creative process resulting in recommendations for a vision and mission on sustainability that will align with The Bellingham Promise for integrating sustainability throughout the district.

Impact: Sustainability Task Force Facilitation will enable this proactive initiative for the Bellingham Public Schools to align its goals around sustainability and climate change as it educates students for the future, pushes operations toward greater sustainability, and responds to requirements to integrate environmental and sustainability learning standards into its operations and curriculum.

  • Adjust for future climate change impacts including plans for indoor recess due to wildfire smoke; facilities use during summer heatwaves; added bus routes due to flooding, similar to snow routes.
  • Address mental health issues related to eco-anxiety among children and youth and respond to students who are looking for answers and action to address the climate crisis and change behaviors and practices within the district.
  • Take action for climate change and support the health and well-being of our community.
  • Reduce the negative impacts of climate change on marginalized populations.
  • Address sustainability as an equity issue.
  • Educate our members about climate justice.
  • Proactively address the climate change impacts on the K-12 education process
  • Address funding needs in terms of climate and sustainability planning.
  • Establish integrated environmental and sustainability learning standards for K-12.
  • Meet mandatory WAC 392-410-115 requirements for environmental education in Washington.

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