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Port of Bellingham Examines Climate Action

Port of Bellingham Examines Climate Action

Client: Port of Bellingham

Case Study: The Port hired Peak and Veda Environmental to assist in development of a Climate Action Strategy (CAS). The CAS includes visioning, evaluation of current Port practices and greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, development of GHG mitigation strategies, a climate risk and vulnerability assessment, and an adaptation plan regarding Port-controlled properties.

The Port has been engaging in energy efficiency and other sustainability projects for several years. The Port started developing a climate strategy in 2019. and their continued attention to mitigation and adaptation efforts are providing an assessment of physical and economic impacts to the Port’s operations.

Impact: This Climate Action Strategy demonstrates the Port’s leadership in promoting energy efficiency. Also, these strategies will better prepare the Port to address risks due to climate change. Their strategy also shows coordination with the City of Bellingham’s similar efforts currently underway. The Sea Level Rise assessment represents new information that the Port will incorporate into planning. They also identified additional sources of GHG emissions that the Port can address. The strategy prepares Port Commissioners with sound science and climate analysis to prioritize the Port’s commitments toward climate action regarding all Port-controlled properties.

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