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Port Climate Action Visioning Process

Port Climate Action Visioning Process

Client: Port of Skagit, Mt. Vernon, WA

Case Study: Peak facilitated a climate action visioning process with the Port of Skagit to identify steps toward meaningful climate action and a climate-resilient future. Peak worked with Port of Skagit staff and decision-makers to create a shared vision of a climate-resilient future for the Port. Peak facilitated two Climate Action Visioning Workshops. Following that, we created a Roadmap to a Climate Action Plan and a Climate Action Plan outline based on research, findings, and input from the process.

Peak staff provided the following deliverables for the port’s climate action visioning process:

  • Workplan 
  • One-pager summarizing climate visioning purpose and process
  • Facilitated two Climate Visioning Workshops
  • Created agendas and notes capturing all input from each workshop
  • Deliver presentation at a Port staff meeting with agenda, notes, and summary of results
  • Drafted a final Roadmap to a Climate Action Plan
  • Drafted a final Climate Action Plan Outline

Impact: Based on input, research, and staff engagement, Peak outlined a shared vision of a climate-resilient future for the Port of Skagit and identified “bold next steps” for the Port to take toward meaningful climate action. Ports that plan for climate change have the opportunity to be more efficient and resilient to climate hazards like storms and rising sea levels. Planning processes like these identify strengths and weaknesses in port management and operations in light of changes to our climate. Being able to withstand and adapt to change is critical for ports and the industries that rely upon them.

See our blog addressing Climate Change Impacts to Seaports.

See the Port of Skagit’s page on Environmental Stewardship.

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