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Pacific Northwest Scenic Trail Stakeholder Meetings

Pacific Northwest Scenic Trail Stakeholder Meetings

Client: Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA)

Case Study: Peak partnered with PDSA Consulting to develop a comprehensive management plan for the Pacific Northwest Trail and conducted ten public meetings in a three-state area along the proposed trail.

Impact: This ambitious project on the scale of the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail is bringing trail access to natural places and creates economic benefit to small cities along the 1,200 mile east-west route. It is one of America’s newest National Scenic Trails. When Congress designated the pacific northwest trail in 2009, they also mandated that the forest service produce a management plan within two years. This management plan is required to determine the carrying capacity of the trail and include public oversight. Trails such as these provide outdoor recreation and associated economic opportunities, promote resource preservation and public access, and encourage the appreciation of the great outdoors and America’s history and cultural diversity.

Testimonial: “Peak is adept at ensuring that all sides felt heard and able to share information and ideas. David Roberts is a refreshingly down-to-earth communicator.” Jon Knechtel, PNTA’s former Director of Trail Operations and Executive Director

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