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PAC Worldwide Sustainability Initiative

PAC Worldwide Sustainability Initiative

Client: PAC Worldwide

Case Study: Three members of the Peak Team in 2018 worked on a feasibility study for PAC Worldwide to explore opportunities to close the loop on plastic packaging with a key client that specializes in global online sales. The team presented the results of their feasibility study which identified methods for recovering its pure PE packaging. In addition, Peak determined, to the extent possible, the economic and logistical viability of potential methods of PE recovery. In their efforts to strengthen their sustainability initiatives, PAC Worldwide hired Peak again in 2020 to assist with their Sustainability Report. A Sustainability Plan is in the works with Peak assisting this global innovator in recyclable packaging options.

Impact: One of PAC’s primary packaging products is 100% recyclable. Creating a PE recovery option for the mailers would significantly reduce PAC’s use of virgin polyethylene, create a more earth-friendly packaging option, and increase the company’s bottom line. The feasibility study examined processes to capture

Testimonial: “PAC Worldwide engaged Peak in 2018 to innovate a program of recyclability of our polyethylene packaging products. They brought some unique and practical ideas to the table around circular initiatives. They had good knowledge of the subject matter and brought science and facts into a plan of action for a pilot program engaging business, quasi-governmental, and end-users in the solution. In 2021, PAC again engaged Peak to develop our first Carbon Footprint Program. Peak has been a tremendous help to our internal team. I recommend Peak to anyone looking for honest, precise, and innovative work involving carbon footprint or other packaging-related environmental challenges and opportunities.” Jeff Snow, CFO, PAC Worldwide

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