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Olivine Quarry Regulatory Support

Olivine Quarry Regulatory Support

Client: Twin Sisters Olivine LTD

Case Study: Peak provides regulatory permit support for Twin Sisters Olivine at the Swen Larsen Quarry ensuring they meet all environmental requirements. Peak has been providing this support since 2013 with an eye toward reclamation. We have completed required environmental reviews, managed public input, developed a reclamation plan, and are completing operational plans to address stormwater permit requirements.

Impact: As a result of our work, the facility has maintained a good environmental record and clear operational goals for the future. It’s been a complex project. Maintaining this mine for olivine’s potential in carbon sequestration is important. Additionally, large olivine boulders are used to shore up shorelines impacted by rising sea levels and more energetic ocean waves. They are a durable and preferred material for infrastructure improvements, bulkheads, and roadway reinforcement along impacted coastlines and waterways.

Additionally, olivine has the potential for providing carbon capture – a possible tool in fighting climate change – where a chemical process locks up COfrom the air into rocks through a process known as chemical weathering that produces a favorable effect on ocean chemical composition.

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