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NPDES Stormwater Compliance Assistance

NPDES Stormwater Compliance Assistance

Client: Whatcom County and Bellingham School District

Case Study: We provided stormwater compliance support for Whatcom County Stormwater and Bellingham School District to address their stormwater compliance requirements. Peak conducted over fifty inspections of municipal stormwater facilities and twenty-five school district sites and provided reports on each.

Impact: Whatcom County had a backlog of stormwater inspections to complete. Our reports also educated homeowners on how to better care for their facilities and plan for maintenance and repairs. Peak assists small- to mid-size municipalities, churches, educational institutions, and school districts by conducting stormwater evaluations that provide onsite information about their facilities. This requires an area of expertise in communicating clearly to laypersons on a topic that can be rather technical. Educating homeowners about their stormwater systems demystifies information that can be rather technical.

Testimonial: “It’s been a bit of a pull and push to get resolution to our stormwater challenges, but there’s newfound energy there… Your report and recommendations are a great impetus to move forward.” Mike Sato, Board of Wildflower HOA

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