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Marina Leasing Assistance

Marina Leasing Assistance

Clients: Marinas in Washington State

Case Study: Peak provided marina leasing assistance across the state to assist in land use planning, leasing, and permitting processes. Marinas often face permitting and regulatory challenges when renewing their leases or planning infrastructure improvements. Our team works with marina owners across the state to assist with lease negotiations and permitting processes. We have also worked with several waterfront property owners throughout the state, coordinating with regulators, applying for permits, assisting with lease negotiations, and developing mitigation plans.

Impact: We have assisted owners with lease negotiations for the use of state-owned aquatic lands in Chelan County and defining management authority for waterway uses in Lake Union; a lease reauthorization for a marina on Bainbridge Island; and a project defining management authority for waterway uses in Lake Union among others. Negotiating a lease brings peace of mind and predictability to marine-oriented businesses as well as a good return on investment.

"I’m a big believer in Peak and NMTA members have relied upon Peak to negotiate leases for marinas. They know the rules and represent groups like NMTA. During this process, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Peak’s team has saved our members thousands of dollars in lease fees. I know they have negotiated reduced bonds and secured longer term lease agreements. Their expertise is keeping our industry economically viable.” Peter Schrappen, Vice President and Director of Government Affairs Northwest Marine Trade Association
“Peak’s staff provided invaluable assistance to us in understanding state leasing processes. He was able to help us effectively communicate with DNR. We have now been issued a state waterway permit that allows us to continue an important aspect of our business while meeting DNR’s needs. Peak's staff were THE critical component in our lease agreement negotiations with DNR. The final result was a quite favorable signed lease agreement and over $100,000 saved in back rent.” Nick LeClercq, Seattle Marina

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