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Management of Natural Asbestos in Swift Creek

Management of Natural Asbestos in Swift Creek

Client: Whatcom County

Case Study: Swift Creek in Whatcom County has asbestos flowing into it from a naturally occurring land formation in the hillside above the valley. Whatcom County evaluated alternatives for long-term management of asbestos-laden water and sediments in Swift Creek. One alternative involved rerouting a clean tributary of Swift Creek into another drainage system. The goal is to reduce flows in the main Swift Creek channel which should simplify sediment management requirements. Preliminary engineering analysis was completed.

Impact: David Roberts worked with landowners along the proposed route to prepare the way for a long-term solution, establish good communications, and provide access to private property.

Testimonial: “It is a pleasure to work with you; we cannot thank you enough for what you [Peak] have accomplished to date as to engaging landowners in the Swift Creek process. We have a great group of specialists, and I’m confident that together we can provide the answers the County needs.” Jeff P. Johnson, Watershed Science and Engineering

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