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Interactive Stormwater Website

Interactive Stormwater Website

Client: City of Bellingham, WA

Case Study: Peak and Shew Design partnered with the City of Bellingham to create an interactive, self-guided stormwater website focused on a variety of effective stormwater management solutions used by the city. The resulting self-guided Stormwater Discovery Tour features five demonstration sites where passersby can scan QR codes with their phones to give them quick access to a map, original photos, and interpretive information translated into consumer-friendly messaging about how stormwater management is benefiting them and their city. Peak coordinated with the City’s Public Works Department to identify five demonstration sites and Shew Design provided the development of the website and mobile interface.

Impact: Putting the city’s stormwater education money to work in a completely new and innovative way, the website inspires a sense of discovery as people explore Bellingham’s urban and parkland areas and learn how Bellingham provides services to keep water clean, filter out pollutants, and prevent flooding. Without stormwater systems in place, our cities would be muddy and unhealthy.

Testimonial: “In a variety of sites around the city, people can independently explore our urban and parkland areas while learning how the City works to maintain water quality, filter out pollutants, and prevent flooding. Peak and Shew Design did a great job bringing this rather complicated project from creative concept to completion.” Riley Grant, City of Bellingham Public Works, Environmental Education Coordinator

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