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Farm Fish and Floods Initiative (3FI)

Farm Fish and Floods Initiative (3FI)

Client: 3FI (The Nature Conservancy, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Case Study: Peak provided facilitation services for seven years to the Farms Fish and Flood Initiative (3FI)—a multi-interest group pioneering mutually-beneficial approaches to saving farmland, restoring salmon runs, and reducing flood risk.

Impact: A key outcome was the development of the Skagit Delta Hydrodynamic Model and Alternatives Analysis designed to identify restoration sites for salmon that reduce flood risk and limit loss of farmland. David Roberts worked with both policy and technical teams bringing them into agreement with the final product. A huge benefit from this long-term project was to engage factions and built relationships even on contentious issues in the watershed.

Testimonial: “The [3FI] project is a premier example of creating a constructive conversation and collaborative process among partners who have historically disagreed. “Skagit County has long been the site of conflict when the interests of agriculture, wildlife and the environment collide. Dikes and tide gates necessary to drain fields can impede salmon runs, and farmland is often sought for salmon habitat restoration.” Go Skagit

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