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Comprehensive Stormwater Review

Comprehensive Stormwater Review

Client: City of Anacortes, WA

Case Study: In partnership with Welch Ecological Services, Peak completed the Anacortes Comprehensive Stormwater Review project – a major overhaul of several titles of the City of Anacortes Municipal Code and engineering standards. The project began as an integration of low-impact design (LID) requirements as specified in the City’s NPDES stormwater permit. Part way into the project, City staff shifted the scope after identifying many outdated and conflicting parts of the existing code necessitating a restructure. We also provided outreach materials to support staff at the permit desk during the transition.

Impact: Peak integrated the low-impact design (LID) requirements to comply with NPDES stormwater permit requirements. Additionally, updating and restructuring outdated and conflicting parts of the existing code allowed the City to better inform and manage its stormwater permitting processes. Outreach materials supported Permit Desk staff during the transition.

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