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Climate Protection Action Plan Update

Climate Protection Action Plan Update

Client: City of Bellingham

Case Study: Peak helped the City update its City’s Climate Action Plan with new emissions inventories to track progress, and new emissions forecasts and planning scenarios to meet climate goals for both the city government and the community. The City Council reviewed the draft plan in December 2017. The City of Bellingham, Washington, a leader in climate action committed to 100% Green Power for its municipal operations in 2006 and developed a climate action plan in 2007. This update includes updates to previous emissions reduction actions and new actions to continue reducing emissions despite a growing population.

Impact: The City of  Bellingham has continued to invest in sustainability to create a better place for the entire community. This plan embraced actions such as retrofitting all street lights to LED resulting in cost savings and safer streets. Additionally, the plan integrated actions with the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans bringing greater connectivity and car alternatives. It put priority on the installation of solar panels and resource recovery of biosolids in the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. Peak completed an Emissions Inventory which proved that Bellingham’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions were working, but that it wasn’t enough. This report included new proposed emissions reduction measures to meet emissions targets for 2020 and beyond.

Testimonial: “Peak has produced a technically-sound and politically-sensitive update to the City’s Climate Protection Action Plan. Their teams’ research, coordination, and flexibility make for excellent project partners.” Clare Fogelsong, City of Bellingham, Public Works

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