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Clean Buildings Early Adopter Incentive Program

Clean Buildings Early Adopter Incentive Program

Client: MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions

Case Study: In partnership with MacDonald-Miller, Peak is leading clean energy outreach to municipal, corporate entities, communities, and ports in four counties to expand energy efficiency on large buildings of 50,000 SF or more. Peak is reaching out to qualified entities in Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Whatcom counties, so they can apply for the Clean Buildings Incentive Program.

In Washington State, the energy performance standard Early Adopter Incentive program (CBIP) began July 1, 2021. It applies to non-residential, hotel, motels, and dormitory buildings greater than 50,000 SF.  Entities that demonstrate early compliance with the Clean Buildings Standard may receive a one-time base incentive payment of $.85 per gross square foot of floor area, excluding parking, unconditioned, or semi-conditioned spaces.

Impact: This is a great example of a public and private sector partnership ultimately resulting in carbon reduction and smart infrastructure pilot programs. In October 2021, MacDonald-Miller entered into a contract for the Clean Buildings Incentive Program. The RFP allows other jurisdictions, and public agencies, including but not limited to ports, Public Utility Districts, and other public entities to participate in the Early Adopter program.

By leveraging existing and establishing new relationships in northwest Washington, Peak is engaging private and public building owners to provide information about the compliance requirements under the CBPS and connect them to McDonald-Miller to develop energy efficiency solutions. The solutions focus on achieving long-term energy use reductions and compliance with current and future legislation as well as reducing the operating costs of their built assets. 

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