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City of Blaine Council Planning Retreat

City of Blaine Council Planning Retreat

Client: City of Blaine, WA

Case Study: The Blaine, Washington City Council held a planning retreat with facilitator, David Roberts focused on enhancing community communication and engagement and establishing priorities for the coming year. It was informed by a presentation on effective approaches to social media engagement by project partner and strategic communications firm, Shew Design.

Impact: The strategic discussion identified city engagement needs using a hybrid group decision model followed by an identification of tasks and priorities. The facilitation opened up sharing and ideas.

Testimonial: “The City of Blaine appreciates the meeting facilitation services David Roberts from Peak provided at the City Council’s retreat this past January. David was through, thoughtful, and was able to support the Council in determining priorities for the upcoming year.  He prepared for the retreat by contacting Council members beforehand to establish a positive relationship with them which also provided a solid basis of information which he used during the retreat to establish common goals and Council priorities.  The retreat was well organized, respectful to everyone’s time, and enjoyable.  I would recommend Peak and David Roberts for facilitation needs and retreats.” David Wilbrecht, City of Blaine, City Manager

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