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Boating Center Strategic Planning Charrette

Boating Center Strategic Planning Charrette

Client: Bellingham Community Boating Center

Case Study: Bellingham’s Community Boating Center sought to scope ideas for improving access and services on their waterfront-based location. The purpose of the charrette was to gather input and scope ideas for improving hand-launched vessel access to and from the boating center and Bellingham Bay. Kulshan worked with the CBC to provide maps, documentation ahead of the meeting, and publicity. We compiled input collected from all public input for the CBC.

Impact: Stakeholder engagement techniques such as charrettes solicit valuable input from users of the facility or services. This input informed the Boating Center’s strategic plan for the next five to ten years setting in motion enhanced access to Bellingham’s and Fairhaven’s busy waterfront. We gathered information on current challenges, identified service and facility needs, and considered additional factors to inform decisions and plans for the future.

Testimonial: “The charrette invited users of the facility to outline current challenges, identify service and facility needs, and consider additional factors which assist planning for the future of the Community Boating Center. The Peak team did a great job of organizing the event and collecting valuable input from our community.” Steve Walker, Former Director, Bellingham Community Boating Center

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