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COP26: The power to act

COP26: The power to act

COP26 starts next week after a year delay

COP26 stands for the 26th Conference of Parties representing all of the countries in the world. In 1992 these countries agreed they had the power to act on climate change. They knew that the planet was drowning in GHG emissions. They set ground rules and expectations for global cooperation on combating climate change. 1992 was the first time ever that a majority of nations formally recognized the need to control greenhouse gas emissions. They agreed that GHGs were bad for the planet, because they are like a blanket on our atmosphere which causes global warming which is causing rapid climate change.

The United Kingdom in partnership with Italy is hosting COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. It starts October 31 and ends November 12, 2021, after a one-year postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COP26 recognizes no single country can fix climate change on its own

Over two weeks in November, world leaders and national negotiators will discuss what to do about climate change. It’s a political process of complex negotiations, speeches, papers, networking and more. It may sound boring, but this is how international law and institutions work to solve problems that no single country can fix on its own.

Climate change is everywhere

And climate change IS a big, hairy, aggressive global problem. 97 percent of scientists agree it’s the most significant problem facing the planet today. Almost every place on the planet has watched or experienced record breaking heat, drought, and wildfires; unpredictable cold snaps; extreme and prolonged drought; exaggerated flooding; the spread of disease; and massive plant or animal die-offs.

Most believe climate change is happening and want government to do something

The highly-respected Pew Research Center has been tracking how people – ordinary citizens – believe about climate change for years now.

Climate Change Concerns Make Many Around the World Willing to Alter How They Live and Work | Pew Research Center

This IS a problem these 196 countries and their leaders must fix together. COP26 is an all-in-one shot in the arm steroid to give leaders the chutzpah to drive bold policy and action in their home countries as soon as possible. Yes, chutzpah is one word among a few politically incorrect others for what it’s going to take – extreme confidence – even audacity – to take action.

Scientists Move from Warning into Action

Scientists from all over the world are signing a groundbreaking new scientific paper to present at COP26 which starts in November 2021 after a year delay due to the pandemic. This paper will drive a powerful, unified message and a framework for solutions at next week’s start of COP26.

The goal is to break the world record for the most endorsed scientific paper ever, present that paper at COP26, and without a doubt demonstrate the consensus in the scientific community about the absolute urgency of acting on climate change.

Time to act is today. Here’s how.

  • Read the paper or its 2-page summary.
  • Add your name as a co-signatory.
  • By signing this paper you will also have the opportunity to feature in a powerful new film to be presented at COP26 – an incredible chance to communicate the science to those who have the power to act.

Humanity is in advanced ecological overshoot

We have kicked the can down the road once again – but we are running out of road.” – Rachel Kyte, Dean of Fletcher
School at Tufts University

We, in our capacities as scientists, economists, governance and policy specialists, are shifting from warnings to guidance for action before there is no more ‘road.’

The science is clear and irrefutable; humanity is in advanced ecological overshoot. Our overexploitation of resources
exceeds ecosystems’ capacity to provide them or to absorb our waste. Society has failed to meet clearly stated goals of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Civilization faces an epochal crossroads, but with potentially much better, wiser outcomes if we act now. What are the concrete and transformative actions by which we can turn away from the abyss?

In this paper we forcefully recommend priority actions and resource allocation to avert the worst of the climate and nature emergencies, two of the most pressing symptoms of overshoot, and lead society into a future of greater wellbeing and wisdom. Humanity has begun the social, economic, political and technological initiatives needed for this transformation. Now, massive upscaling and acceleration of these actions and collaborations are essential before irreversible tipping points are crossed in the coming decade. We still can overcome significant societal, political and economic barriers of our own making.

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