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Lake Padden Water Quality Study

Lake Padden Water Quality Study

Client: People for Lake Padden

Case Study: David Roberts, owner of Peak, served as science advisor to P4LP – a citizen group studying water quality in Lake Padden near Bellingham. Study focused on nutrients, algae and fecal coliform in the lake and feeder streams as well as watershed factors contributing to the lake’s current condition. P4LP presented their findings and recommendations to Bellingham City Council and Whatcom County Council 18 months of water quality and watershed land use data of Lake Padden.

Impact: Development above the Lake Padden watershed was curtailed in light of the impact it would have on the lake’s water quality. This is a popular city park with significant use year-round and in particular during the summer months. The watershed has many critical areas and topographical features making it difficult to develop. The County changed the designation of the Yew Street UGA to R10.

Testimonial: “I relied without reservation on David’s scientific expertise, sound judgment, and highly-developed interpersonal skills. Our congenial and productive relationships with government and university partners can be attributed in large part to David’s professionalism.  He is masterful at combining disparate ideas and partnerships into productive outcomes for all concerned.” Betsy Gross, Director, People for Lake Padden

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